Computer lab celebrated in Malawi

Computer lab celebrated in Malawi

By Jill Dando News in Malawi

The honorable minister Jacob Hara visited Mnjiri Community Day Secondary School in Malawi to open the construction of a computer lab.

Mnjiri students were excited because the member of parliament Jacob Hara officially opened the construction of a new structure, Information Communication Technology (ICT) Lab. 

Mnjiri CDSS being included in the 75 schools to be provided with ICT laboratory by MACRA brought more happiness to students, teachers and all members of the community.

Hara said that “it is very exciting, even though people complain but all I do is to make sure that I put a smile on my face since I can not be able to fill in the expectations of everyone completely.

“have been an MP of this constituency for more than 10 years and I have developed so much in this constituency, for instance, Mnjiri school developments. 

“The government gives me money as a member of parliament to help in development projects.

“In the previous years, we were given K30,000,000, but now it has increased to K200,000,000. I have a lot of passion to develop education in my constituency.

“To me education is the key to enhance the thinking capacity of Malawians. ICT will help to provide more information; the computers will help you to understand a topic which you did not understand in class.

“We will have signal Wi-Fi for free in this campus and other people that are near us. Wi-Fi will be blocked for other purposes but will be used only for education, but what we need is that you should use these things efficiently.

“Our wish is that you should use these computers for your own good. We will provide K3,000,000 for the incomplete fence to be completed since the materials will not be safe with an incomplete fence.”

In addition to that Hara promised to pay school fees for students who will pass MSCE examinations in their first year of college. Mnjiri CDSS will be a full secondary school soon. 

Mary Botoman, a member from MACRA said “so as explained by our board member and universal services fund and branch, students from Community Day Secondary Schools are at a disadvantage as they lack ICT education.

“If you go to some private schools, you will find that they have computer labs. So, our aim is that we ensure that all schools are digitally equal.

“The ICT lab will be completed in three months. MACRA is giving out about 60 computers, however,the first phase will have about 20 computers and each school will be connected to the internet for 3 years. 

The headteacher of Mnjiri CDSS expressed his concerns to the honorable MP of the constituency, “we need 600 desks, 300 desks in form 1 and 300 in form 2, which is 600 desks in total. Some students take advantage of the incomplete fence to desert classes. This leads to poor performance by students.”

Students’ council speaker presented a speech in which she appreciated the gesture shown by MACRA and the MP for the provision of development. “I believe that with this computer lab learning will be easy and enjoyable”

One of the students, Prisca Nyambose was happy and grateful because of the provision, she says “I am thankful for what MACRA has done and on behalf of my fellow students.

“It’s our hope that this will help in terms of learning and our performance, and its our responsibility to take care of this ICT Lab as it will meet our needs in education and the future generations".

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