Green-fingered pupils help their school gardens flourish

By Jill Dando News 

Green-fingered pupils at a brilliant Weston-super-Mare school in Somerset have made the most of the wonderful November weather by planting bulbs.

The St Anne’s Church Academy Year 1 pupils have been planting spring bulbs in their flourishing gardens as part of a partnership with Bulbs4Kids.

They also discovered a long worm that had sneaked into the hole that was made for the bulb, but kindly let it go in its way before filling the gap.

Pupils find a worm in their gardens

The St Anne’s Church Academy Gardening club grows blackberries, strawberries; onions; garlic, potatoes, corn on the cob and much more.

Principal Emma Hardy Smith said: “The children are really loving their gardening and learn so much through it. 

“They were very kind to the naughty worm that had been found in the hole meant for the spring bulbs! They kindly let it go on its way before filling in the hole.”

gardening is wonderful for a range of things including mental well-being and a whole host of learning experiences.

St Anne’s was the first school in the county to plant a Jill Dando apple tree in memory of the TV star, donated by Sanders Garden Centre and helped by Alan Titchmarsh.

Bulbs4Kids is a campaign meant to acquaint children in primary schools with the world of flower bulbs by means of interesting activities that are also fun.