Everyone loves good news

From students to Heads, editors to world explorers and the Prime Minister himself, Everyone Loves Good News

Good news is like an ice cold drink on a scorching hot day.

The impression is that the world has suddenly been filled with overwhelming bad news.

But good news can change the world.

The GNP exists to train and inspire young people to get their good news right across the world.

here are a few snippets of some of the people we have met along the way.

“Well done to the students of Jill Dando‘s old school who are bringing her memory alive with a living, breathing news centre to train up young journalists and get out good news.

“Stories of children showing great, determination and all the acts of positivity inspire others and fill the media with much-needed good news.”
Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Dawson interviews The Prime Minister Boris Johnson tens of millions worldwide

“It has been great to be able to share good news stories everywhere online. It has given me so many opportunities to do things that I would never be able to have done before! I can't wait to see what else the future holds!”
Dawson, aged 13 who became one of the first few journalists to interview Boris Johnson inside Downing Street, watched on by tens of millions of TV viewers in August 2019.

Olivia, front left, with world author Jeffrey Archer, middle, Nigel Dando, left, and Oli Ballard, second left, and Andrew Scott, far right, at the launch of a Jill Dando News Centre

“I have experienced many once-in-a-lifetime opportunities since joining Jill Dando News and the Good News Post. For example, I interviewed Olympic Gold Winner James Cracknell and I also got to produce my own TV segment for BBC TV which was aired live in March 2019. We get to interview inspirational people from Olympic athletes to the Prime Minister.” Olivia, aged 15, who began at Jill Dando News aged 12

Dawson, front right, with Jacob, after getting tips from Sophie Ridge, of Sky News

“I started doing good news stories at the age of 14. Since then I have met and learned tips from some of Britain’s best editors, journalists and even the Prime Minister. The Good News Post opens up huge career possibilities.” Alex Crowther, Aged 20, Ex Priory Community School Academy and now Third Year Broadcast Journalism Student, University if the West of England

Alex with Boris Johnson during his three hour visit to The King Alfred School Academy and the Jill Dando News Centre

“My journalism has improved hugely since writing for the Good News Post.” Liam Drury, Aged 20, Sports Reporter

“The Good News Post has made a huge difference to our PR... it is optimistic and outward looking. A tremendous asset to any company or school. Thoroughly recommended." Neville Coles, Executive Principal of The Priory Learning Trust

Neville Coles with students and BBC journalists.

“The Good News Post is an exceptional newspaper and perfect for the days we are living in.” Oli Ballard, Founding Editor of Business Leader, Britain’s biggest business magazine

Even Jeffrey loves good news! Our mascot meets Olly Murs.

“I could never have imagined the impact the Good News Post could have on our school PR in such a short time.” Lesley Greenway, Headteacher and Ofsted Inspector

"The Founding Editor of the Good News Post has a track record in journalism and PR consultancy, and deep wells of creativity and integrity. Crucially he is a uniquely positive man.” Simon Angear, Editor

“I am bowled over by the professionalism of the Jill Dando News Centre.” The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson with the Good News Post at the Jill Dando News Centre.