Struggling with workplace morale? This speaker has the cure…

Struggling with workplace morale? This speaker has the cure…
Speak per Shane Dean can help boost morale positivity and productivity in workplaces (photo via

Boost your teams sense of wellbeing plus positivity, productivity and profits with Shane Dean’s morale-boosting Good News Tonic talks.

Shane is an inspirational speaker on a mission to transform workplaces through the power of positivity. 

His “Good News Tonic” range of talks gives energy, enthusiasm and practical strategies to boost morale, engagement, and bottom-line results.

During Shane high-impact presentations, he shares his enthusiasm and tips for people to develop resilience, gratitude, and a positive mindset that unlocks their full potential.

Andrew Scott, CEO of the Ascot Group, said: “I have worked with some of the best speakers in the world over the years, but I’ve never met anyone with more authenticity, passion and the ability to really inspire people as Shane Dean. 

“He never fails to motivate our 100+ staff, including the management and leadership teams.

“The content he delivers is ideal for businesses and corporate organisations looking to achieve growth. It also delivers a morale boost.

Unleash Optimism, Purpose, and Positivity

From Shane’s years as a journalist and overcoming personal battles, he has actionable takeaways to unleash optimism, purpose, and positivity.

Shane is founding editor of the uplifting Good News Post newspaper and the Jill Dando News student project backed by UK leaders including Sir Richard Branson, two Prime Ministers and Mr Speaker.

He does regular “Good News Tonic” tips and articles on his Good News Post newspaper.

Book Shane’s “Tonic Talk” for your next event and get ready to return to life and work with a renewed sense of optimism, purpose and productivity.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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