Good News Talks

Does your team, school or business need a positivity boost?

To be honest, we all do at the moment. 

Bad news in the Media, Covid19 and life’s many problems can often leave us feeling anxious, fearful and desperately in need of a lift.

Shane Dean motivates individuals, businesses and corporates to believe, think positively and implement mental wellbeing tips. 

Inspirational, fun, energetic and relevant

Shane’s talks are inspirational, fun, energetic and relevant to real life.

He shares tips on how to be happy, enthusiastic, and how to overcome fear and anxiety.

Cake, chocolate, coffee and laughter

Cake, chocolate, coffee and laughter for those who attend

There is plenty of cake, chocolate, coffee and laughter for those who attend. (YESS! This in itself boosts positive brain chemicals)

I have worked with some of the best speakers in the world over the years, but I’ve never met anyone with more authenticity, passion and ability to really inspire people as Shane Dean. He never fails to motivate our 70+ staff, including the management and leadership teams; and the content he delivers is ideal for businesses and corporate organisations looking to achieve growth and deliver a morale boost.”

Andrew Scott, CEO, Ascot Group

Life enthusiastic, optimistic and positive thinking

Shane overcame a chaotic, trouble packed, depressed dysfunctional background to be a life enthusiast, optimist and positive thinker.

He was a journalist who turned his hand to positive news, and is founding editor of his own Good News Post newspaper,

Throughout his young life he suffered from crippling negativity and anxiety, and is passionate to help others to be positive thinkers, optimistic and full of hope.

Life to the full

Shane shares encouraging stories and tips to help people life life to the full.

Shane at a talk to the Ascot Group.

Shane said: “Life can be extremely hard and particularly at the moment with Covid19. These talks recognise that everyone has some sort of struggle in the mind, and together we can all feel more optimistic, positive and full of hope. Life is meant to be enjoyed with purpose.”

”Shane’s talks have real depth and use real life examples combined with inspirational figures from history that help audiences to think differently, become inspired and take away examples to use in their day to day life.”

Oli Ballard, Director and Editor of Britain’s biggest magazine for entrepreneurs. Business Leader

“Shane is a uniquely positive man. I’ve yet to see him regard any glass as half-empty.”

Simon Angear, PR Manager and former newspaper Editor

“Shane has made a huge difference to our PR… he is optimistic and outward looking. A tremendous asset to any company or school. Thoroughly recommended.”

Neville Coles, CEO, The Priory Learning Trust