Good news for Kenya as UK charity plants its 2000th tree there

By Africa Correspondent, Jill Dando News

It’s good news for a Kenya community as a UK charity has passed the landmark of planting their 2000th tree.

During their 2023 mission, Kenya Hope Charity planted their 2,000th tree in Kenya to help offset global warming.

The charity is based in the same town as where Jill Dando lived, went to school at Worle Community School Academy, part of The Priory Learning Trust, and wrestled with becoming a missionary in Africa before soaring in her journalism career.

The charity’s 1,000thfruit tree was planted in school compounds by the chairman in 2022 to hopefully provide a fruit supplement for future generations of pupils.

Now Martyn Dinsmore, a trustee of the charity (pictured) planted the 2,000th tree grown by youths who run several tree nurseries.

The tree nurseries were started to (a) provide jobs for youths, (b) to teach them about caring for creation and (c) to help offset global warming. (pictured).

The trees in the latest distribution were Grevillea, an extremely important hardy drought-resistant tree that has become an integral part of farming because branches meet firewood needs, stems are used for timber, the leaf litter is used as bedding material for livestock, the quick growing tree provides important shade and most importantly fixes nitrogen in the soil.

Most of the 14 villages the charity supports consist of poor families who grow their own food to survive.

But the impact of global warming is providing erratic weather patterns which in turn often produces a much poorer crop pushing those in poverty into extreme poverty.

So the charity’s next distribution to help us fight hunger will be to plant 3 grafted fruit trees in the compounds of poor widows and orphans.

For only £10, If any readers would like to buy 3 grafted fruit trees for a poor family and receive photographic proof and a thank you letter, please email or telephone or text Chairman Brian on 07879 847657 for more information.

Videos and information about the charity’s work including details of their Child Sponsorship Programme can be viewed at

The charity is also looking for a treasurer and someone with good IT skills and someone with administrative skills (and a heart to help take the charity to the next level). All enquiries welcome. 

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