Good news as nature and mobile mental health services expanded

Good news as nature and mobile mental health services expanded
Nature is good for mental well-being (Photo via

By Jill Dando News

A mental health counselling service has introduced two innovative programs: mobile counselling and nature-based therapy.

Being out in nature is well known as being fabulous for mental well-being and is increasingly being used in therapy.

Now Roving Marie provides an essential service by visiting clients' homes throughout North Somerset, near Bristol.

The program is specifically designed for individuals with mobility issues who find it challenging to access traditional counselling venues.

The mobile counselling program aims to ensure that everyone who needs mental health support can receive it, regardless of their physical limitations.


Complementing the mobile counselling program is a nature-based therapy option led by Julie.

This outdoor-focused approach offers clients an alternative to traditional indoor sessions, allowing them to benefit from the therapeutic effects of nature.

With the arrival of sunnier weather, the service hopes more people will take advantage of the nature-based therapy.

It's an excellent option for those who feel more comfortable and open in outdoor settings.

As mental health awareness continues to grow, such flexible and inclusive programs may serve as a model for other regions looking to expand their counselling services.

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