Good news as COP28 pushed forward on climate plans (By Sam, 13 and Jaiden, 12)

Good news as COP28 pushed forward on climate plans (By Sam, 13 and Jaiden, 12)
BY Sam,13, and Jaiden, 12, Jill Dando News Correspondents

COP28 is taking place from 30th of November to the 12th of December in Dubai, the capital of United Arab Emirates to discuss pressing climate matters.

The UAE is a global hub and growth engine for sustainability, technology, business, commerce and tourism. The UNFCC recognises that ‘the country is uniquely positioned to build bridges and foster consensus to accelerate inclusive climate progress’.

In a letter dated 13 January 2023, the UNFCCC Secretariat announced that Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology and UAE Special Envoy for Climate Change, has been appointed to serve as COP28 President.

The nations involved have been assessing the world’s collective progress towards achieving its climate goals.

Burning fossil fuels for energy is by far the biggest cause of climate change. It is also the drive of modern life - even with the growth of renewables, fossil fuels produce 80% of the world's energy. Delegates have reported that they’re close to an agreement on how to phase out fossil fuels and turn to more green solutions.  

The central aim of the summit is “to deliver a successful COP 28 that drives global transformation towards a low-emission and climate-resilient world, fosters ambitious climate action and facilitates implementation, including the related support” (UNFCC website)

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