Top Pup Oko now Guide for Blind Dog Tao

A blind 12-year-old Golden Retriever named Tao knows he is safe now thanks to a puppy named Oko.

Photo Credit: @tao_mr_winky

A much loved golden retriever who had to have both eyes removed due to glaucoma has made remarkable progress and surprised his owner with how quickly he has adapted.

Tao, who will be 11 years old on April 6, has managed to adapt to being totally blind in just eight weeks since vets had to remove his second eye within a year of the first.

Melanie Jackson, from Shepton Mallet, Somerset said: “Euthanasia was never an option. He’s part of our family and we have done the best we can for him.

“He is truly amazing and has learnt to deal with his sight loss so quickly.

“He has given me a new appreciation of blindness issues and when people meet him they don’t always realise he’s blind.

“In fact, when we are out walking some people think he’s my guide dog because he has a sleeve on his lead saying ‘Blind K9’.

“Tao just gets on with things and nothing seems to worry him. He trusts his ‘mum’ completely and is easy to train.”

Photo Credit: @tao_mr_winky