Moggies help boost the planet with ‘pawsitive’ new cat litter

Moggies help boost the planet with ‘pawsitive’ new cat litter

By Jill Dando News

Millions of people are now passionate about helping the environment with a range of eco-measures.

Now cat owners can help their moggies to do their bit to help the planet.

Pet product company, Ozzy & Dart, has launched its new range of sustainable cat litter in the UK.
The Glasgow-based firm, which specialises in sustainable cat products, says its new litter formula is not only environmentally friendly but is specially designed to be ‘paw-friendly’ for its feline clientele.

Founded in 2021 by Grant McCann, Ozzy & Dart provides cat owners with the very best non-harmful clumping cat litter that is practical for owners, and kinder on the planet.

The company packages all of its litter in 100 percent recyclable sacks and sources the product from sustainably managed forests with PEFC certification.

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Further cementing its commitment to the UK’s population of cats and the wider planet, the company also donates 10 percent of its profits to charity - five percent to dedicated cat charities and the remaining five percent to environmental charities.

Talking about the launch of the new cat litter, Grant McCann, founder said:  “Traditional cat litter can often sit in landfill for years after use - this being extremely damaging for our fragile planet. When I set up Ozzy & Dart, I wanted to create a feline-centric brand which has sustainability at its very heart.
“Every aspect of our new cat litter has been thought about when it comes to its environmental impact - from the litter formula itself which is sustainably sourced, right down to its packaging and delivery.
“We believe that providing the best pet sanitary products for our customers’ pets shouldn’t have to come at an unnecessary cost to our planet.

“Not only are we committed to doing right by our planet and customers, we’re actually putting our money where our mouth is. We donate a percentage of all our earnings to environmental and cat-focussed charities.
“We hope that more brands in our space will follow suit and support in having a more positive (or as we like to say ‘pawsitive’) impact on the environment.”


The new cat litter product comes in 14-litre packs and can be purchased via the Ozzy & Dart online store.
It currently sells at £19.99, with one sack of the litter designed to last one cat 60+ days.

The litter formula is designed to be highly absorbent - holding around 800% of its own weight - and binds odours to leave a fresh-smelling litter tray.

What’s more, using the Ozzy & Dart cat litter means that owners should be able to clean their litter trays in less than five minutes - with a full tray change only needed every two to three weeks depending on the number of cats using it.

The litter is also dust free which means it's not only non-hazardous for cats, but humans too.

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