Get a dog in every school

With Brexit chaos grinding Government business to a halt, we urge education bosses to at least get one thing done.

It’s only small but has huge effects.

Get the humble dog into every school in Britain.

Our reporters have seen that the humble dog is having powerful effects, fantastic for mental wellbeing, reducing anxiety and making school fun. For children and teachers.

For example, our mascot Jeffrey the King Charles Spaniel is proving a big hit at schools across Somerset, England. Even pop icon Olly Murs enjoyed meeting Jeffrey recently and is now the voiceover for a dog on the Disney 101 Dalmations series. 

Puppies Buddy, Lunar and Bonnie at schools in Weston super Mare, England are also having massive effects. The same is happening right across the UK.

For 1000 days Brexit has focussed the minds of our leaders. Nothing else has been getting done. Education is an underfunded shambles. Now Education Secretary Damian Hinds is reported to say that more schools seem to have “wellbeing dogs” and “the pets can really help”.

Damien said: “I hadn’t really realised the incidence of it until I was education secretary. First I was a bit surprised, but actually it’s a great thing.

“For the kids it can be really uplifting, particularly those that have different ways of expressing themselves and coming out of themselves – and the dog or the pets can really help.”