From Rashford to Robertson, well done to famous footballers helping out millions during Covid19

By James, 17.

After being told to step up by the Health Secretary, Premier League football stars have gone above and beyond all expectations

In April this year, Health Minister Matt Hancock alerted elite footballers that they needed to step up and help out as a result of the Covid19 crisis that stopped the world. 

In the months that followed this plea, certain footballers have more than played their part with the most notable example of Marcus Rashford. 

Subsequent to the closure of schools across the country, there was a real danger of approximately 600,000 kids across the country going to sleep hungry. 

Rashford, who grew up on free school meals, saw the effects the school closures would have on children like him, and pleaded with a seemingly reluctant Government to extend free school meals right through the closures and the school holidays. 

After a lot of campaigning, Rashford forced a u-turn in Government and celebrated a victory not just for him, but for thousands of negatively affected children across the country.

As well as this, the 22 year old has also raised an unbelievable 20 million pounds for the cause as well as working with several large retailers such as Tesco to provide food relief for many.

Whilst other footballers and ex footballers such as Joe Cole and Moise Kean help out, managers too were playing a huge role in the crisis. 

Current Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho was likely encouraged to be preparing his players and tactics for the return for football. However, Jose decided to spend his days delivering necessities to the elderly so that they had no need to put themselves at risk. 

Jose said in a statement, “I am here to help Age UK Enfield, Love your Doorstep Enfield and of course you can donate food, money or be a volunteer.”

Standout Liverpool player Andrew Robertson is also known to have generously donated a huge amount of money to Foodbanks in Glasgow, the area in which he grew up.

As a result of his and many more people’s donations, Glasgow NE food bank have managed to provide more than 53,000 meals over the pandemic to the most vulnerable. A food bank in Glasgow tweeted out to thank Robertson for his donations to lots of food banks across the area.

As well as these notable examples, there are plenty more professionals across the sport who have more than played their part and i think it’s safe to say that the footballers have certainly gone beyond the Health secretary’s expecations.