Find out why happy dogs wag their tails….

Find out why happy dogs wag their tails….

By Animal Correspondent, Jill Dando News

Dogs wag their tails when happy but the good news is now now science might know why.

Groundbreaking scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics believe humans enjoying seeing the rhythm of the movement of their tails.

They say early humans may have unconsciously chosen dogs that wagged their tails more rhythmically than the others.

Wolves for example do wag their tails but not as much as our domestic Ed pooches.

Tail wagging also appears to be something dogs do naturally.

One theour 'domesticated rhythmic wagging', thinks that humans selectively bred dogs that wagged their tails more often and more rhythmically.

The scientists wrote in an opinion piece: “Humans have remarkable abilities to perceive and produce rhythmic sequences, particularly isochronous patterns where events are evenly spaced in time.'

The researchers point out that in a study of silver foxes bred over 40 generations to tame them, the foxes in later generations wagged their tails more.

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