Families enjoy Family Breakfast and tour of ambitious academy

Families enjoy Family Breakfast and tour of ambitious academy

By Jill Dando News

Families with Year 5 and 6 prospective students enjoyed their Family Breakfast at Worle Community School Academy in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

They tucked into a full English breakfast, with fruit and continental alternatives in the excellent restaurant with new caterers Aspens.

Then they toured the large and impressive campus and viewed the sport, music and other activities on offer.

There was even a chance to have fun making ginger bread men, listening to music and having their photos taken in a photo booth.

The school has seen huge improvements in the past five years since joining The Priory Learning Trust, with expanding numbers and a raft of improvements.

WCSA has an excellent campus, including a £400,000 auditorium and sports hall improvements.

The academy has a brilliant and wide-ranging curriculum, Weston’s largest performing arts stage and strong mental health provision.

Principal Jacqui Scott said: “It was a brilliant morning in so many ways and we enjoyed meeting all the prospective pupils and their families.”

The WCSA motto is ‘We Challenge and Support to Achieve’, resulting in students who thrive in all areas. Jill Dando started her journalism at the school.

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The academy has a high-achieving and caring ethos, aiming to challenge and support to encourage all students to achieve.

TPLT also has one of the best school-based Sixth Forms in the country at The King Alfred School Academy in Highbridge, which is an increasingly popular destination for WCSA students.

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