EXCLUSIVE – Boris quizzed by kids on The Queen, seagulls and special needs funding

The hot favourite to be Prime Minister next month Boris Johnson was interviewed by inspirational Jill Dando News Centre journalists aged 9 to 15 on a range of topics from The Queen, seagulls, and special needs funding.

Conservative Leadership contender Boris Johnson visited The King Alfred School Academy, which is one of the county’s fastest improving schools.

He met current members Elijah, nine, Jacob, 15, Dawson, 11, and Izzy, 14, and founding student member of the JDNC, now 19-year old Alex Crowther.

Elijah, 9, quizzed Boris on a range of topics from The Queen to Seagulls.

Jacob asked him about how to be a positive Media, while Izzy questioned him on how to help special needs students.

Alex, who founded the JDNC as a student aged 16, while at Priory Community School Academy, said: “This was a fantastic day and brilliant for the students and staff to meet someone who is tipped to become Prime Minister next month. This is what the Jill Dando News Centre is all about – children having the opportunities to train and interview all types of people including people in the public eye to help.”

The Priory Learning Trust has seven JDNCs, giving a good news, positivity and mental wellbeing boost in schools.

Over 5000 children in Somerset and Malawi have been inspired by the life of Jill to push out good news across the area in local newspapers, radio and TV.