Ex-tabloid journalist turns happiness guru - Shane Dean's new talks aim to revolutionise workplace positivity

Ex-tabloid journalist turns happiness guru - Shane Dean's new talks aim to revolutionise workplace positivity
Shane Dean aims to boost positivity in the workplace (photo via pixels.com)

By Happiness Correspondent

Award-winning former tabloid journalist Shane Dean has unveiled a groundbreaking series of his Good News Tonic motivational talks aiming to transform business productivity and workplace positivity. 

Drawing from a 30-year journalistic-style investigation into the secrets of happiness, Shane’s journey began with his own battles against mental health issues in his teens.

With over two decades of public speaking experience alongside his journalism career and founding of the Good News Post www.goodnewspost.co.uk newspaper, Shane has distilled his insights into three powerful talks.

These talks cover areas including positive thinking, releasing "happy hormones,", the power of believing and unleashing joy.

Each talk is designed to maximise the potential of both individuals and teams in the corporate world.

Shane uses examples of heroes such as Nelson Mandela, Marie Curie and Martin Luther King to amplify his points.

Andrew Scott, CEO of the Ascot Group, praised Shane’s unique approach: "Having worked with some of the world's best speakers, I've never encountered anyone with Shane's level of authenticity, passion, and ability to truly inspire. 

“His content is ideal for businesses aiming for growth and a morale boost, never failing to motivate our 100+ staff, including management and leadership teams."

Shane Dean aims to increase positivity in the workplace with his inspirational talks and stories

Shane reflected on his motivation: "Being positive in today’s often challenging world is getting more difficult by the day.

“I’ve seen firsthand how difficult life can be and how many people struggle with feeling overwhelmed. 

“My own journey with positivity began at 21, right as I was starting my journalism career. Over the past 30 years, I've been fortunate to learn some valuable lessons about finding happiness. 

“I am passionate to pass along what I've learned, in the hope it might help others the way it's helped me.”

His first talk delves into his personal mental health struggles and his life-changing discovery of positive thinking.

The second presentation explores personality dynamics inspired by iconic figures like Sir Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, and Michelle Obama. It aims to create harmonious, productive work environments where individual talents flourish and can come with a workshop and ongoing mentoring work to cement the findings.

His third offering takes audiences on a journey through the body's natural happiness chemistry, providing practical strategies to boost these "feel-good" chemicals and cultivate workplace positivity and better relationships.

Each talk is available as both a keynote speech and an interactive workshop, suitable for various corporate events from inset days and leadership programs to training sessions and after-dinner engagements.

With this innovative series, Shane Dean is passionate to help spark a positivity revolution in the business world, offering companies the tools to foster happier, more productive workplaces.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

For further information and to book a talk email News@goodnewspost.co.uk

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