Emma trains up students to be brilliant public speakers - just like Jill Dando (By Oliver, 13)

Emma trains up students to be brilliant public speakers - just like Jill Dando (By Oliver, 13)

By Oliver, 13, Jill Dando News Correspondent

Emma Britton, a former BBC Radio Bristol presenter and Jill Dando News Centre patron, is training up students to be brilliant public speakers.

Emma visited Worle Community School Academy in Somerset to introduce a Public Speaking Training Scheme.

WCSA is the former school of Jill Dando and was the birthplace of the amazing Jill Dando News project., created by Purple Sheep PR. Jill was a superb presenter on TV news and one of Britain’s best journalists, as well as kind, positive and humble.

This new speaking project will give students more confidence and skills in talking about something they are passionate about.

The plan is expand out the successful pilot across The Priory Learning Trust schools in Somerset.

A Jill Dando Journalist Oliver, 13, explained the process. He said: “To begin with, the students had to write a speech, which was presented to Emma through zoom.

“Emma taught the students to look into the camera instead of the paper and to talk more clearly, so that the microphone could pick up their voices.

“It also showed that those who were more passionate about the subject of their speech presented it better and more confidently.”

Next, the students were tasked with making a presentation on google slides. Following the results of the last task, they all decided to talk about something they liked, such as a video games.

Oliver added: “With the presentation being in person, Emma Britton was impressed with how far the students had come since her feedback was given last time, and the students were extremely pleased with the turnout.

“They discovered that with the right guidance, anyone can talk in front of an audience.”

Emma said: “I was really excited to play a part in this pilot scheme as I know how important having the confidence to speak in public is as you make your way in the world.
“The students really took on board all the feedback I gave them and I was so impressed with their final presentations.”

Principal Mark Tidman said: “We thank Emma for bringing her cutting edge public speaking and presentation skills to train up our students.

“They were all incredibly enthusiastic and eager to get the very best skills for a lifetime to work in their chosen fields.”

Oliver of Jill Dando News is one of over 100 Jill Dando Journalists who find, write and publish positive good news out across the world in memory of Jill.

Jill Dando is also a former student of WCSA where the project began.

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