Dozens win awards for inspirational careers’ interviews

Dozens win awards for inspirational careers’ interviews

By Jill Dando News

Dozens of Year 7 students have won awards after impressing with their huge ambition, skills and attitude in inspirational careers interviews.

There were celebrations as the students were rewarded having impressed the Careers Team in the recent Y7 Interview Challenge.

These students were recognised for being top interviewees for many reasons - the best prepared, successfully battling their nerves, a professional CV or their general attitude, enthusiasm or natural interview skills.

They were awarded certificates and a chocolate bar by starring in their mock interview for their dream future job, which included beekeepers, astronauts and accountants.


The 11 and 12 year olds created a CV and researched the qualifications and skills needed for the job role of their own choosing.

They were also offered a photograph to be used for a poster, naming their dream job; which will now be displayed across the academy.

Principal Jacqui Scott said: “The students exhibited a superb display of ambition, talent and attitude which we celebrate every single day at WCSA.

Most schools traditionally do mock interviews in Year 10 but the schools in The Priory Learning Trust invest heavily in student career development in earlier year groups.

WCSA is part of The Priory Learning Trust.

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