Donkeys enjoy tasty and healthy pumpkin treat

By Jill Dando News

Staff at The Donkey Sanctuary in Manchester have been showing their artistic flair this week by providing seasonal enrichment for their resident herd.

The team have created some spooktacular creations in the form of carved pumpkins, which have been displayed around the centre in Abbey Hey in the lead up to Halloween.

The flesh of the pumpkins, when cut into bite-sized pieces, can also be offered to the donkeys as an enrichment treat.

Enrichment is very important for the donkeys, as it provides mental stimulation and allows them to display their natural foraging behaviour.

The pieces of pumpkin can be offered in the form of string kebabs with other vegetables and fruit, and hung up for the donkeys to reach up and nibble on.

The hollowed shell of the pumpkin can also be used to contain other enrichment foliage, such as fresh herbs like mint, coriander and parsley, which the herd can investigate.

The team also created Halloween pineapples and melons, each one proving a hit with the donkeys. As with all novel food sources, feeding in moderation and under supervision is key, and thanks to the team at Manchester their donkeys have the opportunity to try something new while exhibiting their natural behaviour.

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