Kids crisis. Does someone in power have the heart to help Britain’s most in need children?

Headteachers are warning that schools which cater for children with special educational needs will run out of money within two years.

The numbers of children with special needs has risen by 100,000 in the last year alone.

Yet the Government appear to continually plead that more money has gone in than ever before.

Tonight on ITV news, one Head fought back tears as he explained his cutbacks.

Politicians and officials can stop using lies, damned lies and statistics to bamboozle the public. Enough is enough. Austerity has crippled schools and plunged millions of students and families into their own crisis.

I visit schools across Britain as an educational editor. I see similar stories right across a range of schools.

It’s time for the story to change. More cash is not just needed, it’s crucial, urgent, vital.

The time is now.