Devon, 15, is 9th best Aerobic gymnast in the WORLD at first attempt

Devon, 15, is 9th best Aerobic gymnast in the WORLD at first attempt

By Tamsen, 14, Jill Dando News

The talented Devon Howell, 15, gave the performance of a lifetime at the Aerobic Gymnastics World Championships in Portugal at his first attempt.

Devon, of Priory Community School Academy in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, performed stunningly as one of twelve Junior individual males in his category.
He scored 17.650 which placed him ninth, narrowly missing out on qualification for the final where only the top eight went through.  

The competition was very intense, featuring fantastic gymnasts from all over the world. 

His father, Philip Howell, told us that Devon was more than happy with his performance on the day and scored well. 

The club and all its supporters were also thrilled with his performance which they streamed live on the day.
Mr Howell said that it is 'quite something to say that he is the ninth best individual junior male Aerobic gymnast…in the world!' 
This special position is especially significant as it was his first World Championships, after the games were delayed by two years due to Covid 19.

More widely, the club and GB generally had a successful championship. 

This included Lola Lawrence, Devon's teammate, taking Great Britain’s first gold medal on the International stage!

One of Devon’s fellow gymnasts from Weston Aerobic Gymnastics, Lola won the Gold medal in the Junior Individual female category. 

Gold Medalist Lola featured on BBC Points West News on Monday evening when she was interviewed with one of the coaches. 

Fellow PCSA student, Freya Grafton, 15, also majorly impressed on the day by making the final and coming 5th best group in the world.   

Devon and his teammates have been celebrated back in school for their hugely successful Championships.
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