Want to be calm in a frantic world? The good news of Dr. Mosley’s new relaxation podcast

Want to be calm in a frantic world? The good news of Dr. Mosley’s new relaxation podcast
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By Happiness Correspondent

In our always-manic, hyper-stimulated modern lives, truly relaxing and letting go of stress can be a challenge. 

Now top journalist Dr. Michael Mosley has released a new podcast series "The Relaxation Code." Which is good news for helping to calm your mind and body.

The series, which launched this week, takes listeners on immersive "sonic journeys" designed to activate the body's innate relaxation response through various proven techniques and mindfulness practices. 

Each episode focuses on quieting the mind, releasing muscle tension, and achieving a deep sense of tranquility.

"In our busy, frazzled lives, learning to relax is a superpower," says Dr. Mosley.

"This series teaches you scientifically-validated methods to de-stress and tap into your body's natural rejuvenation modes."

The first episode explores the power of systematic muscle tensing and releasing to trigger the relaxation response. 

As listeners tense and relax different muscle groups, Dr. Mosley explains the biological mechanisms at play, including the role of the "magnificently-named" Golgi tendon organs and interconnected brain nodes.

Future episodes will cover techniques like breathing exercises, guided imagery, autogenic training, and more. 

Guests including Trinity College Dublin's Ian Robertson will lend their expertise.

In our polarized, anxious times, "The Relaxation Code" offers a refuge - a chance to recharge and reset through the neurobiology of relaxation. 

With Dr. Mosley as our guide, the podcasts will nurture pockets of calm amidst the chaos often found in the modern world.

The podcast is available to stream now on all major platforms. https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/just-one-thing-with-michael-mosley/id1560369423?i=1000655193374

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