Creative Caitlin, 9, excels in M.O.D. Secret Spy letter project

By Jill Dando News
Super Caitlin, aged 9, (pictured right and below) of St Anne’s Church Academy, in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset went the extra mile to write a letter to apply for an imaginary M.O.D. job.

Caitlin and her wonderful writing

She loved the creative project so much she even wrote a reply to herself, as if she had been given the job by the M.O.D.

Her excellent writing was done as part of the ‘Talk For Writing’ class project where all pupils applied for the M.O.D. role.

Principal Emma Hardy-Smith said: “Caitlin is a star and some considerable writing talent. She was brilliant and entered into the role of applying for a job with huge enthusiasm.

“The pupils had been writing notes about their own talents and qualities and even role-played spies in a mock-interview in order to gain as much information as possible for their own letters. 

“Caitlin worked extremely hard on her letter and, as a further challenge was asked to produce some extended writing. That she did this independently demonstrated the skills she had learned during this writing unit.”

Caitlin said: “During English, I have been writing a letter about getting a job at a secret M.O.D. agent spy community and my teacher challenged me to write a response to myself to say if I have earned the job. 

“To do this, I used my letter that I wrote to a lady called Miss Humm. I kept looking back to it and using it as a guide. In my letter, I put my talents and skills on it to tell Miss Humm that I would be a great part of their M.O.D. team. 

“Therefore, I could use my letter to write a response to myself saying that I would be a great member because of all my talents and skills.

“Because of this, I have thought about my letter very hard and I have replied to all of my skills such as my swimming. Therefore, I could definitely escape anywhere there is water like lakes, rivers and maybe pools. In my response letter, I used my swimming talent and replied saying that I could definitely be a championship member and a great Water-Escaper!”