Could this be Britain’s most sought after student?

Humble, kind and brilliant Janey plans future as politician to help people after securing potentially nation’s best haul of GCSE grades.

A 16-year-old Clevedon School student could be Britain’s best GCSE student after narrowly missing a clean sweep of 13 Grade 9s by only one mark yesterday.

She has also written four novels and is writing a fifth non-fiction book.

Janey sat a total of 13 exams at Clevedon School, where she missed a clean sweep of grade 9s by just one mark.

Her haul of top grades were awarded in history, maths, statistics, religious studies, biology, chemistry, physics, English language, English literature, music, computer science and Latin.

The school will now have her Business Studies exam remarked.

But Janey is no ordinary student. Conscientious and humble, she has also written four so-far unpublished novels , often alongside her GCSE including a 60,000 word young adult story and is as an English Ambassador at the school.

She also taught herself GCSE Statistics.

She now plans to do up to six A Levels at Clevedon School Sixth Form – and maybe plans to self-teach Latin and RS.

She hopes to become a politician after studying PPE at university.

Clevedon School is an Outstanding academy in North Somerset, with aspiration, kindness and brilliance at its heart.

Janey said: “I find it fascinating to learn about the world around me and to try to make sense of it as much as I can. I think this has what has fuelled my passions for writing and politics, which explore the world and how we can improve it. These are disciplines which I hope to continue pursuing in the future.”

Jim Smith, Headteacher, said: “Janey is a fabulous student, humble and hard-working, as well as kind and brilliant. She embodies everything we strive for in students. She also loves learning and a prolific novel writer.

“To become the best performing student in Britain is an incredible achievement. She will have employers queueing up to take her on.”