Bug Towers made by students to boost brilliant charity

(By Dawson, Izzy and Jill Dando News Centre reporters)

Amazing The King Alfred School Academy students in Somerset have designed incredible Bug Towers which they are auctioning for charity.

TKASA’s GCSE DT students made the bug-towers that will be auctioned off between now and 15th December to inspirational mental health charity, In Charley’s Memory.

The bug-towers have been made over the past six weeks with students working in pairs to design the towers which are made out of fully recyclable materials. 

After a visit to Sanders Garden Centre, the hard-working students finally saw their projects.

The students, along with Dawn Carey from In Charley’s Memory, visited the project at Sanders TKASA staff, along with Charley’s grandmother Pauline West, and Sanders’ Manager, Karen Hamer.

Student Jasmine Haines, said, “Meeting Charley’s nan and his family, and talking about the bug towers was amazing. Learning how much our efforts mean to them, allow us to understand why the charity is so important in modern times.”

Dawn said, “Walking around the corner and seeing all of the towers spread out in front of me, really made me feel emotional. The school are doing so much for us; we are all so grateful to the students who worked so diligently. They are all incredible!”  

The bug-towers will be available and auctioned on Ebay from the 5th of December to the 15th.

Principal Nathan Jenkins said: “These bug towers are simply brilliant and a credit to all the students. This was a tremendous community and charity project.”

In Charley’s Memory is now the official charity of The Priory Learning Trust for this year.

It was founded by Charley’s mother after the TKASA student took his own life in 2014 after a few years of mental health struggles. 

ICM achieved official charity status in March 2015 and since then has moved into premises in Burnham-on-Sea and Weston-super-Mare, with a team of volunteers and staff.