Budding Einstein a maths genius

Budding Einstein a maths genius

By Jill Dando News Centre

Incredible budding Einstein, aged 14, who is already being tutored by a Oxford University maths expert now joins Elite UK group of students in the final of a prestigious maths competition

Thomas Duford (pictured left) is the first student ever from Worle Community School Academy to quality for the Cayley Olympiad competition.

The impressive talent scored a wonderful 111 in the UKMT Intermediate maths challenge.

Amazingly, he is already being tutored by a maths expert, formerly of Oxford University, as part of a mentoring scheme provided by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust.

He has also had previous stunning achievements in the UK Junior Maths Challenge.

WCSA has a thriving maths department that stretches students to their best ability and aims to make the subject fun and challenging.

Head of Maths Sean Wood said “Thomas is an exceptionally rare talent and is so humble despite achieving so much already. His success underlines why he has such a great future.”

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