Brilliant pupils tour earth virtually from space, enjoy planetary discos and dream big for their future jobs

By Jill Dando News

The pupils of Castle Batch Primary School Academy in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset  are busy doing lots of fun and exciting projects both in school and during home learning.

As part of a project, ‘Where are we?’, pupils explored their local environment on our daily walk at home or school, and examined the planet, globes and maps to see where they are in the world.

Pupils explore the globe in school project

Then they learnt about day and night and the seasons – and finished with their own individual planetary discos.

Then they showed huge ambition by researching their dream jobs and showed huge ambition and creativity.

Acting Principal Sally Taylor said: “There has been some real enthusiasm across the school for our projects during lockdown. Pupils explored the globe and where they are in the world with real intrigue and passion and the planet research with discos was very popular.

“We have also seen huge ambition from the pupils for their dream jobs and careers, with some excellent research being carried out.”

Castle Batch is a high-achieving and happy community primary school and has a Jill Dando News Centre to cover positive and inspiration stories.