Brilliant pupils enjoy hot chocolate with the Head after sensational work

By Jill Dando News

Brilliant pupils have enjoyed a celebratory hot chocolate with the headteacher after sensational work in the first week back.

Jasmine and Niamh, Year 4 pupils at Ashcombe Primary School in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, started each day this week brilliantly – settled, calm and ready to work. They’ve set a brilliant example to others.

Mia, also Year 4, has been an incredible times tables whizz. She has shown fast and super speedy tables recall and some beautiful handwriting.

Meanwhile, Year 5 pupils Lucas and Gracie demonstrated an amazing attitude to their learning and have thrown themselves into their work. 

Shanna has been a wonderful classmate and is always looking out for others.

Headteacher John Clark said: “Well done to all of our children who’ve conquered any start of a new year worries they may have had, and moved to their new year groups and classes so well. We are all very excited about the new school year.”

The school has been rolling out a programme of bringing learning to life by helping the homeless and by making rounded children ready to take on the world.

Ashcombe was one of the schools listed in the Real Schools Guide 2020 of the best schools around.

It follows from the previous year when they were in the top 5% bracket for combined reading, writing and maths results, compared with similar schools nationally.