Brilliant big-hearted singing, dancing actress Addison, 10, helps raise £500 for charity (by Lelia, 9)

By Lelia, aged 9, and team of Jill Dando News reporters (live at the scene) (Photo by Luke, 9)

St Anne’s Church Academy in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset young Addison dreams to be a big star actor.

Not only that but she is raising money for charities that help to people who are homeless.

Addison, aged 10, did a big show at Blakehay Theatre in Weston and raised £500 for charity.

Addison dreams of being a famous singer and actress or dancer.

Addison said: “I like to be kind and to raise money for people how don’t have homes.”

The show was called ‘Aladdin Jr’. The previous shows were ‘Mary Poppins’.

Jill Dando was also an actress as a child as well as a journalist out of Worle Community School Academy, also part of The Priory Learning Trust in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England. She stated writing stories as a 13 year old before becoming the best TV journalist in Britain.

She died aged 37 but her good news legacy lives on in the lives of hundreds of children – and that number is growing by the week.

The children Jill Dando Journalists find, write and publish good news stories out of their school, community and the world into the real Media and Social Media.

Lelia and Luke are Jill Dando Journalists in memory of Jill Dando. They wrote this story, took a photo and got it live in a 45 minute workshop at their school – just like a real-life newsroom.