Boris win – good news for millions of kids?

Millions of children and thousands of schools could be in line for good news after Boris Johnson won the PM race today.

At least, that looks likely from what he has been saying, over and over again.

In interview after interview, Mr Johnson said his policy priority would be education.

Just days ago, he told the Peston show on ITV that the first thing he will do is raise the per capita spending on education by £4.6 billion.

This backed up what he told our Good News Post reporters at The King Alfred School in Somerset three weeks ago.

He seems passionate to make a difference.

Talking on the Peston show on ITV he said: “I want to see better refunding of education around the country and what I have pledged to do on day one is to our £4.6 billion of spending on levelling up in every school.

“I want to see all kids having access to a great education which is the same fundamental tool that I had.

“That is why the first thing we are doing is lifting per capita spending on education.”