Boost morale and help your students and staff to be positive good news thinkers

Good News Post Editor in partnership with Britain’s biggest business magazine, Business Leader will inspire ‘Good News Thinking’.

In an age of 24.7 bombardment of bad news via Media and Social Media, GNP Editor Shane Dean teaches people how to thrive with positivity and enthusiasm.

Andrew Scott, serial entrepreneur and founder/CEO of the fast growing Ascot Group, said: “Shane is one of the most inspiring and engaging speakers I have ever seen. He never fails to motivate and give a moral boost to our 70+ staff, including the management and leadership teams.”

Shane trains over 100 students aged 9 to 19 in schools and colleges to think positive and write inspirational stories, and partners with brilliant business people to inspire young people.

Editor of Britain’s biggest business magazine, the Business Leader, Oli Ballard said: “Shane’s talks have real depth and use real life examples combined with inspirational figures from history that help audiences to think differently, become inspired and take away examples to use in their day to day life.”

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