Boom time for one of Somerset’s fastest improving schools as it celebrates a Golden Age of education.

Robert Blake Science College is growing in popularity while enjoying two record-breaking GCSE years and positive increases in its Progress 8 statistics.

Their £30 million school building is also one of the few best school buildings in Britain employing a light, airy and futuristic style.

The school’s Progress 8 figure for this year, the Government’s main measure of success, is 0.26 points higher than last year, being the second highest increase in Somerset.

Robert Blake aims to aspire, achieve and celebrate with every student in the school and aims to bring learning alive.

Head Teacher Deb Loveridge said: “We are thrilled with the progress of our school. 

We are not complacent and there is much more to come, but we are also very proud of our students, their parents and carers, staff, governors and the community. This is a powerful partnership in our aim to become excellent in every way.”

“Undoubtedly our amazing school building helps but we also have fantastic staff and a lovely atmosphere with lots of mental well-being processes to make sure we have happy and high-achieving students.”