Big-hearted Dan on charity mission to become first person to busk at every London Underground station

By Charity Correspondent, Jill Dando News

Musician Dan Tredget is on a mission to set a new record by becoming the first person to busk at every London Underground tube station.  

You can give to his cause via here.

Dan, 27, from Perth, Australia, started the challenge of busking at 272 tube stations in late April 2023.  

Dan busking outside London tube station. Image: Dan Tredget

He explained: “One of my guitar students cancelled their lesson last minute and I just thought oh well and took the time as an opportunity to go and film a quick busking session.  

“I made up a challenge called ‘busking in the street until someone gives me a pound’ and it did quite well on social media, so I started thinking of ways I could make it bigger.  

“I thought busking at every London Underground station sounded pretty iconic.” 

After busking at over 30 stations, Dan decided to turn his challenge into a fundraiser for charity.  

“As I was collecting money from people, I just thought that this challenge has fundraiser written all over it,” he said.  

Through both a physical collection pot and an online JustGiving page, Dan is raising money for Glass Door, a London based charity who provide services for those affected by homelessness.  

“I decided to keep it local, and I know the homelessness crisis is a big issue these days and I loved the message and work of Glass Door. There are just so many people out on the street, and it’s just sad to see,” he said.  

In February 2024, Dan had busked at over 109 stations, ticking off every tube stop on the Piccadilly and Northern line and is currently making his way along the Victoria line. 


As Dan was completing the Piccadilly line in December 2023, he was given the opportunity to perform as one of the opening acts for the Sugababes at their pop-up concert at London’s Paddington Station.  

Dan said: “The promoters asked me to play at the gig with a few other performers, after they saw I was busking at every tube station.   

“I think they found it quite appropriate for me to tick off one of my stops whilst also supporting the opening of their show.”   

Dan hit his 100th station milestone on New Year’s Eve, at Tooting Broadway, where he raised a personal record of £52 in half an hour. 

So far, between physical money and online donations, Dan has raised over £700 for Glass Door.   

Pascale Harvie, President and General Manager at JustGiving, said: “Dan’s busking challenge is like nothing I have ever seen before.  

“It was inspiring to hear that Dan took a personal challenge he set himself and selflessly turned it into a fundraiser for an amazing charity that do so much work to help the homeless in London.   

“We at JustGiving are thoroughly enjoying watching Dan’s journey and wish him the best of luck in reaching his £10,000 fundraising target.”  

To donate to Dan’s fundraiser on JustGiving, click here