Bear the dog digs to safety after three days stuck down hole

Bear the dog digs to safety after three days stuck down hole

By Jill Dando News

A pet dog called Bear managed to dig his way to safety after being trapped underground for about 60 hours.

Bear, a Cavapoo, went missing during a walk in Aberdeen's Seaton Park.


A major search was launched, but Bear was only found three days later after his owner, Dasha Samatoina, was led to the hole by another dog.

After hearing the voices calling him, Bear was finally able to dig his way to freedom.

Ms Samatoina, 29, who was visiting Aberdeen from London, had feared the worst as time went on.

She had been walking Bear with a friend's dog, Lola, when her pet disappeared.

It is thought they both went down the hole but Bear, who is bigger than Lola, was unable to escape.

After a couple of days of searching - which involved the fire brigade, local people and businesses - they were advised to let Lola guide them to Bear as she might hear him whining or barking.

"And that's exactly what happened," Ms Samatoina said. "She led us to one of the holes on a site we had not properly looked at and she was very persistent to go down the hole.

"I just started screaming at it. I was hysterical and crying. The thought of him being down there in the cold and dark terrified me."

She called Bear's name until he was able to make it to the surface.

She said she was relieved after being reunited her five-year-old pet who she feared she might never see again.

Ms Samatoina said: "I think he was a few feet down because his bark was quite muffled.

"But I could feel he was digging under the ground - I was just hoping he was going the right way."

The dog spent the night at vets where he was treated for sand in his eyes, scratches to his nose and given fluids as he was dehydrated.

Ms Samatoina said: "It is amazing how strong he is to be able to dig himself out after three days with no food or water.

"The vets were shocked that he was fine."

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