“Be yourself and stand out from the crowd” – top accountant gives success tips to students

By Shannon, Jill Dando News

Former student now a top accountant and generous charity giver returns back to old school via Zoom to share success tips 

A former student has shared his success tips after bouncing back from three redundancies to thrive and is sharing his success across the world.

Neil Criddle, formerly of Priory Community School Academy, in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset was made redundant at the beginning of last year but bounced back with a hugely successful consultancy and accountancy business.

Speaking to Jill Dando TV reporters over Zoom he said his tips are positive thinking, experience and a good support network.

Shannon of PCSA, previously of Castle Batch Primary School Academy, asked him for his one top tip to get business success.

He said: “Be yourself. You know what you enjoy and what you are good at. Everyone has their own unique personality. As long as you stick to that you will be unique from other people. Be yourself and stand out from the crowd.” 

Neil’s Data Consultancy provides small business owners with analysis and automated processes to boost productivity.

Neil has been linking his successes with donating to the B1G1 – Business For Good charity.

Earlier this year, for every new member that joined his Facebook group, he donated funds to plant forest trees in Kenya.

In the two months he has been donating, Neil has so far managed to positively impact 2,100 people. His aim is to make 50,000 impacts in 2021.

He has also contributed to providing 240 days of eLearning to a rural school in India, provided nine months of access to clean water, 1,200 days of access to a playground and given 365 food parcels in South Africa.