Be kind on social media urges King Charles in passionate speech urging public to ‘rise above rancour’

By Royal Correspondent, Jill Dando News

King Charles has issued a plea for social media understanding in a passionate address at Mansion House.

The King warned against the dangers of heated online debate.

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In the address, which was delivered to the lord mayor of London and the City of London Corporation, he urged people to come together.

The monarch urged the country to resist the “temptation” of turning ourselves into a “shouty” society.

The King told dignitaries from the city that he believes the country stands at a “watershed” moment in which people either come together or risk giving way to bitter online debate on social media.

“There is in our land a kind of muscle memory that it does not have to be like this,” the King told dignitaries. 

“That the temptation to turn ourselves into a shouty, recriminating society must be resisted, or at least heavily mitigated whenever possible. Especially in the digital sphere where civilised debate too often gives way to rancour and acrimony.”

Charles also emphasised the importance of maintaining a sense of humour during bad times, poking fun at himself as he referenced a video that went viral in the first days of his reign last year.

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