Good news for mental health after new £1 million Award to support children and young people’s mental health

Good news for mental health after new £1 million Award to support children and young people’s mental health

By Jill Dando News

BBC Children in Need has launched a £1 million award  to deliver early intervention support to children across the UK – the A Million & Me Award.


BBC Children in Need has launched a £1 million to help early intervention with children across the UK.

A Million & Me was BBC Children in Need’s £10m fund, dedicated to supporting children and young people with their emotional wellbeing and mental health.

A Million & Me funded projects across the UK, locally and digitally, enabling children aged 8-13 to be supported in positive relationships among their peers, parents, carers and trusted adults in their lives.

The A Million & Me Award aims to build on the Power of the Ordinary report and:

  • Encourage innovative and large-scale creative solutions for early intervention. These will focus on children who are beginning to struggle with their mental health, but do not yet have an embedded clinical condition. BBC Children in Need are particularly interested in programmes which involve a large digital element
  • In light of the many challenges in recent years, the award aims to generate tangible, scalable change that recognises the continued distress many children and families are facing
  • Provide targeted support to children aged 8-13, particularly those from marginalised communities
  • Disseminate resources, focusing on language, confidence and capacity building designed to encourage positive conversations and opportunities for children
  • Contribute to parents and trusted adults’ awareness of the importance of the ‘everyday magic’ of ordinary, positive relationships.

Fozia Irfan OBE, Director of Impact and Influence at BBC Children in Need, said: “Through A Million & Me BBC Children in Need has made an exceptional investment in children’s mental health and this award is a legacy to all we have learnt through the programme.

“We know the power of positive relationships and early intervention and look forward to working with the successful organisation, or consortium of organisations, that will help us make an even bigger impact on the mental health of children and young people across the UK, both now and in the future.”

Kamna Muralidharan, Programme Director at Impact on Urban Health, says “We’re excited to be partnering with Children in Need and The Health Foundation on this important prize. Every child should have access to the things they need to be healthy and happy, but right now where you grow up has a huge impact on your mental health. One of the ways our children’s mental health programme is tackling this inequality is by working with organisations that are making safe, compassionate support available to all children and families. We’re looking forward to learning about more of the incredible initiatives happening across the country and meeting the people behind them.”

Jo Bibby,  Director of Health at the Health Foundation, said, “We are delighted to be supporting a prize with such a critical aim. There is a well-established link between the circumstances in which young people grow and learn and their mental health outcomes. Those exposed to social adversity such as poverty, deprivation, and associated risks such as parental mental illness and separation – are more likely to experience lifelong mental health issues. Early and continued intervention to support young people’s their mental health better equips them to navigate whatever comes their way”.

National organisations interested in submitting a proposal are required to sign up to, and attend, one of two mandatory online information sessions via Ticket Tailor. To find out more about the A Million & Me Award, and to access further guidance on the proposal process, visit

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