Banksy would be proud! 30 foot ‘mural of hope’ painted in Bristol during Covid19

Over 20 people of all backgrounds and ages from Bristol produce incredible 30 foot mural to reflect the hope that is transforming the city

A British city’s hope, restoration and transformation through 2020 and Covid19 has been captured in a 30 foot mural over the summer

They spent two weeks painting the incredible ‘Metamorphis’ mural.

“Covid19 has been like a cocoon for many.. it’s a message of hope that out of something seemingly negative can come something beautiful.”

Emma Holloway, designer of 30 foot mural of hope in Bristol.

It was commissioned by E5 Church in Bristol as a timely celebration of unity in diversity.

The aim is to add a positive, hope-filled vibe to the area. 

Designer Emma Holloway said “Its themes are’ hope, restoration & transformation’ and in essence, connects to a bigger picture of what’s happening in Bristol. 

“It was completed by people from all ages and all walks of life including youth, students, teachers, civil servants, graphic designers, medical professionals and many more.”

It’s location on Jamaica St and Hillgrove St opposite the PRSC, makes it a fun addition to the Stokescroft Street Art scene. 

Everyday it is seen by families who live nearby, NHS workers on their way to work, those living in the Compass (homeless) shelter next door, those enjoying the local independent shops, restaurants & cafes in Stokes as well as visitors to Bristol from all over the world (esp. through Street Art Tour: @Wherethewall.)

Emma added “The wall of connected multi-coloured, multi-faceted gemstones represent ‘unity in diversity’ – as both an embodiment of humanity, of the local community and of the spiritual community that commissioned it – it is a big mix of cultures, races, ages, social classes & walks of life.

“It explores the idea that we are all like gemstones: unique, precious and highly valuable. Formed in darkness but restored & celebrated in the light. The butterfly represents metamorphosis & rebirth, that we are not made to conform, but transform.”

This summer the same team are are completing phase 2 of the mural, which will include the life cycle of a butterfly and a large interactive butterfly at the end, where the public can become part of the design and take a picture?

Covid19 has been like a cocoon for many.. it’s a message of hope that out of something seemingly negative can come something beautiful.

Check out the story & progress of the mural on Instagram @e5_creatives