Awesome Adam, 14, inspired by grandad’s stories to be locomotive driver

By Jaiden, 12, Harrison, 11, Samuel, 13, Jill Dando News

Adam, 14, was interviewed by Jill Dando News about his knowledge and passion for trains, which came from his Grandfather.

The year 10 student from Priory Community School Academy in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset is passionate to be a train driver.

His grandad inspired him, having been a train driver who shared many stories of his work.  

After one of our new young reporters, Harrison, asked what Adam enjoyed about trains, he replied by saying that he liked the engineering and infrastructure of the locomotives. 

More specifically his favourite train: the Class 43 HST (previously the Intercity 125) with an amazing maximum speed of 125 miles per hour.


After another one of our young reporters, Sam-13, asked if trains could be used for other means than transport he replied, “No but they do transport freight but that’s normal.”

When asked which conductors he worked with he replied: “my friends work with trains and sometimes we’re lucky enough to work with GWR.”

When he was asked about his lifetime aspiration, he said that he wanted to become a full-time train driver and that he wanted to work all over the British rail network. 

He continued further by saying that in order to become a train driver, he needed to pass his English and Maths GCSEs and study in college.

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