Award-winning school to host world-changing prestigious UK youth eco summit day on Tuesday

By Jill Dando News

Worle Community School Academy will host the Youth Climate Summit on Tuesday (10 November) – one of just a few schools to be chosen for the annual four day summit.

The ambitious Weston-super-Mare academy will host hundreds of teachers and youth ambassadors in an event designed to tackle the climate emergency.

UK schools will unite to learn and make pledges for the planet – the week when world leaders should have been meeting for the COP26 summit in Glasgow.

And the summit will launch a new campaign, Let’s Go Zero aimed at getting all UK schools to be carbon zero by 2030.

Jack Clark, Head Boy, and founding editor of the WCSA eco news magazine Green Gazette, said: “We are delighted to host the latest Youth Climate Summit. It is a massive honour for the students and the school to be given this opportunity. We are passionate about making the planet a better place.”

WCSA has produced a long line of environmental initiatives over the last two years. It has installed two electric car chargers and won a prestigious award for environmental travel to school.

They already have electric bikes, cycle training, bike fixing, a travel ‘champion’ and excellent walking and road safety skills.

At the summit, there will be over 150 free online sessions for primary and secondary schools, as well as inspirational sessions, fun at home activities and evening film viewings.

There will also be inspiring green careers talks with representatives from Tesco, LEGO and WWF-UK.

Principal Jacqui Scott said “Well done to students and the environmental team for securing a place for WCSA in the environmental summit. This is a massive opportunity for them all and to help save the planet.”