Award winning dancer, 11, sets sights on training the dancers of the future

By Maisie, 11

Ruby Hunt, from Melksham Oak Community School in Wiltshire is flying high at her dancing club just as she’s ready to attend a prestigious dance festival.

The gifted student started dancing aged only 8 and has already won numerous dance awards, including picking up two medals and becoming dancer of the week.

Ruby is now planning a career as a high-flying dance teacher, where she can inspire the next generation.

Melksham Oak Community School has just launched their new journalism club, where reporters as young as 11 are finding dozens of good news stories out of their inspirational school.

Principal Alan Henderson said: “Ruby is a very talented student and we’re delighted to see she’s already got her sights get on a wonderful career.

“Everyone at Melksham Oak Community School is committed to helping all our students achieve their dreams.”