Meet the Google-5-star-rated man on a mission to safely remove feral pigeons and other pests causing costly damage to people’s solar panels 

Are hidden pests causing fire hazards, potential spread of diseases and a danger for you and your neighbours under your solar panels?

Meet the man on a mission to safely remove feral pigeons and other pests causing costly damage to people’s solar panels.

Callun Purnell, age 33, a father of two from Bristol, has a 5-star clean sweep Google rating of 5 for his Pigeon Solar Panels Ltd business based in Weston super mare and beyond.

Callun has been excelling in the solar industry since entering it 12 years ago.

He covers everything solar related Solar related but the business is specialised in the maintenance, upkeep, efficiency and protection of the panels. 

He safely removes vermin pests including pigeons and other animals that cause noise, disturbance and costly damage.

They can cause damage to the equipment under the solar panels with a pricey consequence for home owners that progressively and rapidly gets worse , if not sorted.

Callun said: “Most people don’t realise the hidden menace of pests becoming increasingly attracted into nesting under their solar panels. 

“But unfortunately this is not an ideal location for the pests and can end up becoming a fire hazard, not to mention the various diseases pigeon guano can cause to humans and also the decreased efficiency of the solar panels resulting in less energy yield sometimes up too 30%. 

“Birds can get caught and tangled in the components and additionally their guano contains acidic property’s which can start to corrode through the insulation of the cabling on the roof which can cause huge cost and problems.

“We carefully and legally extract them and their nests then restore sanitation with biocide which can deal with potential bird mites that were in the nest.”

Callun’s business has a strong track record of helping people with their solar panels, preventing pigeons and other pests from nesting under the solar panels.

They also do panel removal, professional solar cleaning and are ISCA qualified, roof clearing with biocide treatment, gutter clearance, repairs and long term protection and maintenance. 

They use high-quality galvanised steel wire mesh to guard solar panels. With no job too big or small and are IRATA rope access qualified meaning most jobs can be completed without scaffold whilst still adhering to health and safety guidelines. 

Their team of experts will permanently remove feral pigeons or any other vermin from under their solar panels. 

A free no-obligation can be found by clicking via