Amy, Beth and Chace praised as ‘Learning Stars’ alongside hundreds of students

By Jill Dando News

Thousands of praise certificates have been sent out to brilliant students at an Academy.

Worle Community School Academy in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset have praised many thousand students for their amazing work during all three lockdowns.

This week Amy in Year 7 received her certificates in the post, after exceptional work as a distance learning ‘star’. 

She was student of the week for humanities and also received praise for work across her subjects.

Beth and Chace also received their certifications. They are just a few of hundreds of students who are receiving the certificates each week.

Amy’s mum Sara said: “Amy was taken by complete surprise this morning when she received her certificates on top of being student of the week for humanities. She is on top of the world and I’m super proud of her too.”

Principal Jacqui Scott said: “We are rewarding our students who are doing some incredible work in challenging times. They should rightly be proud of their work and we want to celebrate each and every one.”

The academy has a wonderful caring and high achieving ethos, excellent extracurricular provision including the Jill Dando News Centre and the groundbreaking eco-club.