Amazing teacher award winner tells secrets of her success

St Anne’s Church Academy teacher Diane Martin has spoken out following her Pearson Primary Teacher of the Year award in the South West after 17 years of incredible teaching.

The Weston teacher has just returned from a day of celebration in the House of Commons where she met Weston MP John Penrose. She will now go through to the National finals in October. St Anne’s is a wonderful community school with inspirational teachers.
Diane said “Firstly, I was delighted to be nominated by a Head Teacher I respect enormously.  I have learnt such a lot from her and was overwhelmed by the comments she made about me in her nomination.
“Secondly, I love my job and have given a 110% to being the best teacher I can be for the children and the families that come to our school and it was so lovely to think that all the years of building my expertise had been recognised.
“The day I was presented with my Silver Award was certainly a day I will never forget. There was cake, flowers and bubbly and countless messages of congratulations from the children, friends, colleagues, family, parents and carers.
“The ceremony was so incredibly emotional but there was one special person missing from the celebrations ~ my lovely Dad.
“Dad is in the late stages of Alzhiemers and throughout my life my Dad has been my biggest advocate. He always encouraged me to be a teacher and believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.”