Amazing students inspire over 1000 to understand ‘invisible illnesses’

Three incredible students have shared their ‘invisible illnesses’ with over 1000 fellow students and staff – as well as raising money for charity.

The inspirational Hamish Squires, 11, Ben Hughes, 14, and Ruby May-Hawkins, 16, of Clevedon School in North Somerset gave an educational talk in assemblies to make people aware of invisible illnesses, to increase empathy and understanding.

Hamish, who has had operations after being born with a closed heart valve, has raised hundreds of pounds from selling decorative hearts. He plays for football, rugby and hockey teams in Clevedon.

Ben and Ruby both have Colitis and Crohns and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. 

Head of Valley House Sam Thomas said: “They are brilliant students. They did this whole thing off their own backs and are truly inspirational.”