Amazing students create a successful games company - at the age of 16!

Amazing students create a successful games company - at the age of 16!

By Evie, 12, Jill Dando News Correspondent

Two talented Year 11 students from Priory Community School Academy in Somerset, Josh Main and Ethan Ellis - have combined their talents to create a well-developed app company called ‘MainSoftworks’. 

They have made a phone app that is based on tips about how to start conversations and how to gain social relationships: a unique app called LBOCS (‘Little Book of Conversation Starters’).

The young entrepreneurs also have two entertaining apps completely for fun!

One being called ‘QuackQuack’, a game for the credit of the ducks! In their words, “It’s a new hyper-casual game from MainSoftwork: it’s cute, intuitive and a generally amazing game. The aim of the game is to build a massive collection of ducks!"

Another game under development is an extension to this with much higher graphic use called ‘Ducking Scary’. The aim of this game is to join the brave duck on its adventure to fulfil an ancient prophecy! 

The young budding business moguls have managed to establish a whole successful business while attending school and Josh even presented his business model as part of his GCSE Speaking and Listening exam for English which had his class in awe.

The pair also offer a web development service for businesses and charities.  

Josh said: “The idea was a random thought we had that just came to mind while chilling,  eating snacks and thinking about ducks

"The best bit about being a game developer is being able to think of any idea with no limits and make it a reality" 

Check out their new apps available on Google Pay or Apple App Store!  Their company details can be found here

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