Worle to the World – The Good News Post is born.

The Good News Post was founded in 2017 in Somerset, England, to coincide with the launch of the Jill Dando News Centre (JDNC) in Jill’s former school, World Community School Academy.

The school – Jill Dando’s old school – had fallen on hard times with a damning Ofsted education report and huge negativity, which prompted a new leadership and Priory Community School and The Priory Learning Trust to provide a new positive impetus.

TV golden girl Jill was the perfect role model for this positive drive and the Jill Dando News Centre and Good News Post was born.

“I am bowled over by the professionalism of the Jill Dando News Centre.”

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the UK

The Good News Post newspaper was formed, both online and in print, with 14000 copies going to every primary school pupil in Weston-super-Mare and beyond.

The online edition was set up to provide an outlet for the stories written by students out of the Jill Dando News Centre.

The Good News Post becomes the first newspaper to interview Boris Johnson as Prime Minister in Downing Street

Massive need for positive good news

Quite quickly, the Jill Dando centres and Good News Post filled a massive growing need. It became apparent that bad news was at saturation point, fuelled by 24.7 news and the social media explosion. Mental health issues rocketed at the same time, as a barrage of bad news battered young brains.

So the JDNC moved into Priory Community School Academy and The King Alfred School Academy, primary schools and even Malawi, Africa.

And the Good News Post was there every step of the way to train up students aged 4 to 19 and to publish all the stories. It became a global newspaper, getting Good News Worldwide.

“24.7 bad news is bad for brains. Good News can change the world.”

Editor, Good News Post

Jill’s brother Nigel, himself 48 years a journalist, helped to train the kids along with other professional journalists and editors.

Top entrepreneur, Andrew Scott had founded Business Leader magazine just half a mile from where Jill grew up and went to school in Worle Community School Academy. Former student Oli Ballard was editor of Business Leader and it became the first partnership. It is now Britain’s biggest business magazine.


Jill was one of the world’s best journalists before being shot and killed outside her home in London in April 1999.

She was not only a brilliant TV reporter and ‘the smiling face of Britain’ but she was kind, humble and loved positive good news.

Everyone knew Jill Dando, and even now people such as The Queen, Pop star Sir Cliff Richard and the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson remember her life and work.

Now her legacy is secure and expanding through thousands of children and young people, and potentially millions of positive stories.

“The news centre concept is mind-bogglingly brilliant.”

Nigel Dando

In August 2019, only two years after being set up, the Jill Dando News Centre and the Good News Post became the first journalists in the world to interview new Prime Minister Boris Johnson inside Downing Street. He read the Good News Post and spoke fondly about Jill.

If you would like to become part of the Jill Dando Network or have a Good News Post set up in your school, get in touch.