Good News

Good News

Welcome to School Marketing like you’ve never seen it before!

Since 2007 we have been releasing the brilliance of students to power up the positivity, publicity and popularity of schools.

Our specialist PR creates an explosion of good news stories to the Media, Facebook and direct to parents.

Our Education PR experts install school energetic student ‘good news centres’ to creatively tell the whole community, region, nation and world how brilliant you are.

It is a powerful way to boost student numbers.

There is no bad image of a school that we cannot turn around for good. All things are possible.

We have a long and strong track record of quickly turning round the bad image of a school to positive in the minds of parents, community, Media and Social Media.

Our unique and positive PR also has powerful knock-on effects on student enthusiasm, positivity, self-esteem, happiness, big thinking, mental health, wellbeing and literacy.

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