“A show infused with positivity, protection of the planet and love” - Euphoric Entertainment from the biggest band of the 21st century

“A show infused with positivity, protection of the planet and love” - Euphoric Entertainment from the biggest band of the 21st century

By Zahra, 18, Jill Dando News

Formed in 1996 in London, Coldplay are the most successful band of the twenty first century, having sold more than 100 million records worldwide.

Consisting of lead singer Chris Martin, drummer Will Champion, bassist Guy Berryman and guitarist Jonny Buckland, the band have had an incredible nine studio albums, forty one singles and four number ones, establishing themselves as one of the most experimental bands to emerge within the last twenty five years.

Currently on their Music Of The Spheres Worldwide Tour, including recently finishing a six night stint at Wembley, the band are hoping to pave the way for a more sustainable future of touring, with the concert tickets supporting incredibly important causes such as: Client Earth, Global Citizen and The Ocean Clean Up, emphasising the true dedication that this incredible band has to making the world a better place for us all.

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Anyway, back to the Wembley concert - what can I say?
Opening with the electro pop dance anthem Higher Power, Chris warms up the crowd, reiterating the key message of the “higher power” we hold within all of us, showing how despite the implications of the pandemic and isolation we are all capable of chasing our dreams.

Followed by the likes of A Head Full of Dreams “Adventure of A Lifetime” and Mylo Xyloto’s anthemic Paradise, the crowd were soon captivated by the extraordinary performance of the band, which was sure to continue, under the aesthetic accompaniment of the colour changing glowing wristbands.

Now, I’m not biased, but I have to say that Viva La Vida was absolutely stunning (so stunning that a crowd of people were singing it as I came out of the stadium).

I mean, yes it might be my favourite Coldplay song and album for that matter, but listening to the unified woah’s of 80,00 people (led by none other than drummer Will Champion), just showed the beautiful power of music and how it can bring people together.

Halfway through, we had the euphoric “Yellow.” Taking us back to their first album Parachutes in 2000, the iconic guitar riff hooks us in once more, as the crowds recite the simple but heartfelt lyrics to a clearly overwhelmed but delighted Chris.

Shortly after, we revisit the X and Y era, with the Rush of Blood To The Head’s “Clocks”, a piano led song with a central theme of the paradox of humanity and missed opportunities, reiterating the importance of seizing the moment at every opportunity we can.

Next, we go back to 2014’s Ghost Stories, and the positive push of A Sky Full Of Stars, where Chris urges us to put our phones away and use “people power”, even that means causing a small earthquake with 80,000 people in Wembley jumping up and down at the same time.

And finally the encore. Firstly, as per the Wembley setlist has accommodated for, we saw a special guest join Chris, and Jacob Collier (from Human Heart) on stage - and that was Stormzy.

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Wanting to acknowledge the loyalty and devotion which his extensive fanbase has given him and the band over the last twenty five years, we hear an acoustic vocal of Stormzy’s “Guided By Your Grace”, creating ripples of emotion within the audience, as we feel the full extent of heartfelt gratitude and love that Chris feels towards us all, and we do to him.

Shortly after, we break into the classic pop rock tune that is “Fix You”, unifying the crowd once more, as we sung the lyrics of the invigorating X and Y song.

Last but not least, however, we see The Weirdos burst onto the stage, led by the vocals of Angel Moon, with “Biutifyl” perfectly rounding off two hours of stunning but most importantly eco-friendly entertainment.

In conclusion, I would say that this has to be the best concert that I’ve seen so far and would urge anyone who is able to see them to do so - you will not regret it.

What an amazing band and who knows?

Might even see you in Cardiff again next year.

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