Fast-improving school on route to an exciting future reaffirms its consistent policies on uniform

Fast-improving school on route to an exciting future reaffirms its consistent policies on uniform

By Jill Dando News

A fast-improving school on route to an exciting future has reaffirmed its consistent policies on uniform.

Worle Community School Academy in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset is rolling out its visionary culture and ethos to become part of Britain’s biggest academy trust, United Learning, with initiatives aimed at raising standards in all areas.

As part of the move, there will be further measures to build on current successes to help make the school one of the best learning environments around.

This includes upholding consistent uniform standards for all students to prepare them for the adult world of work, living lives of positivity and ultimately being the best that they can be.

Principal Mark Tidman said: “Worle Community School aims to give all students the foundations for a successful life by helping them to develop the character and attitudes that will help them reach their potential and become good citizens. 

“Providing the best education in a safe and welcoming environment will always be our priority, but we also recognise that other factors underpin the best possible life-chances for the future. 

“As a member of our caring learning community, students are expected to be dressed smartly for learning at all times, showing a sense of pride in themselves and the school.

We believe our school uniform supports our aims by:

  • Promoting high expectations and positive first impressions 
  • Encouraging a sense of community identity and pride
  • Encouraging our students to develop good habits for life. 

Mr Tidman added: “Having a consistent uniform policy also helps to prevent unkindness or bullying while keeping costs down and making it cost effective for parents in the long run. 

“This allows students to focus on their academic performance rather than on what they are wearing.

“High standards are at the centre of our developing culture at WCSA. 

“The need to improve some aspects of our uniform has resulted in some minor tweaks to the dress code and policy and its implementation, over the last year and moving into the next. 

“Whilst we appreciate that this may not be to the liking of some, it has been widely accepted and welcomed by the overwhelming majority and we are grateful for this. 

“We always politely request the full support of parents with regards to their children wearing the correct uniform, regardless of personal opinion. 

“After all, conforming to certain rules and regulations are an important part of life.”

He added: “Both The Priory Learning Trust and United Learning, who WCSA transfer to during the next academic year, fully endorse and acknowledge the importance of smart, well presented students in the future success of the school.”

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